Put the Deluxe Payroll 5-Point Promise
to work for your business

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    Not just a hand with your payroll, but brains and a heart as well

    An expert Deluxe Payroll specialist will be your single point of contact, offering personalized, one-on-one support and providing help and advice at no additional charge.

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    We'll run all the numbers while you continue to run your business

    Other payroll services require customers to enter all their own data. But Deluxe Payroll experts will perform a FREE initial setup, uploading all your company, employee and tax information.

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    Quarterly tax reporting and filings will always be free

    We believe business tax matters are challenging enough, so – unlike our competitors – Deluxe Payroll will never charge you for quarterly tax reports and filings.

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    Fixed pricing for two years with no contract

    We manage your payroll and HR tasks for you. You pay as you go and pricing is fixed for two years.

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    A service you'll want to stick with instead of feeling stuck with

    Personalized customer service. No contract. Fixed pricing. These are just a few reasons why our customer retention rate is 93% — and why we're sure you'll be happy to become one.

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