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Quarter 1, 2017

Safeguard eChecks: The 21st Century Payment Option

Even in today's digital business climate, the traditional paper check is still very popular, with businesses issuing more than 13.1 billion of them in any given year. And while conventional checks still provide critical capabilities that many online payment systems can't offer, they do have their drawbacks. The demand for a payment system that combines the qualities of a paper check with the convenience of an online payment system has sparked the creation of a new form of checking perfect for the 21st Century business — Safeguard eChecks.

The confidence of a check, the speed of an email and more. eChecks let you create and send payments to anyone from anywhere via the Internet. They're fast, easy, cost-effective and secure. They don't require additional software or an investment in new technology. And, along with increased security and fraud prevention, there are many other benefits. Safeguard eChecks let you:

  • Send payments with attached remittance information
  • Make payments without sharing sensitive banking information
  • Make payments to parties without bank accounts
  • Separate duties by allowing one person to create the check and another to approve it

By complementing your payment options with eChecks, you'll retain all of the benefits you appreciate in traditional checks while adding an easy-to-use digital form of payment.

Bank ACH Online BillPay
Consumer Payment Engines
Only the Sender is Required to sign up for service
Sender does not need to know the Receiver's banking information
Does not require the Receiver to have a checking account
Works with accounting software
All remittance data is sent along with the payment
Does not charge Sender or Receiver transaction fees
Can issue multiple payment at the same time (batch run)
Transactions are bank based
Open Access Website for Fraud Detection/Prevention
Best Used for All B2B or B2C transactions B2B transactions with large vendors willing to share bank information B2B transactions but cumbersome, does not work with most accounting software To accept online payments if you sell on eBay or on your website B2C, mobile based, both parties must subscribe, does not work with accounting software B2C but both parties must subscribe, does not work with accounting software

Each online bill-paying option has its positives, but Safeguard eChecks is the only payment system with all these attributes:

  • The sender is the only one required to sign up for the service.
  • The sender does not need to know the receiver's banking information.
  • The receiver is not required to have a checking account.
  • The system works with accounting software.
  • The payee receives full, free form remittance data along with the payment.
  • The sender can issue multiple payments at the same time in a batch run.
  • The system includes built-in separation and controls for payment and approval.
  • The payment is delivered immediately.
  • The system features an open-access website to support fraud detection and prevention.

To learn more about all the benefits of Safeguard eChecks and to see why they make so much sense for your business, contact your Safeguard consultant today.

Dress Your Company for Success with Corporate Polo Shirts

Fashionable, logoed polo shirts are commonly considered one of the best investments a company can make. Not only do they help reinforce your brand, they also build team unity in the office, on the sales floor and at corporate events. Here are four examples of polo-wearers who can help your company succeed:

The stylish worker: Whether standing behind a desk, providing service in the field or working in the office, employees look classy and professional wearing personalized polo shirts. Your Safeguard consultant can help you select the right shirts for your needs and have them enhanced with your company logo.

The team player: One major advantage of polo shirts is that they make great team uniforms. Shirts can also be used to differentiate teams within your organization. Plus, providing your star employees with good-looking apparel is the perfect way to say "thank you" and help them step out in style.

DO use visuals/photos
The old saying, "One picture is worth a thousand words" definitely rings true here. Staff pics, glimpses behind the scenes and historical photos add context and color to your company description.

The trade show superstar: Outfitting booth staffers in personalized polo shirts is a great way to build camaraderie and confidence while furthering your brand reputation. You may even discover that new and existing clients want shirts of their own.

The fan:
Offering promotional apparel to your supporters and customers is an affordable, effective way to show your appreciation while eliciting brand awareness in the marketplace.

DON'T write a novel
To learn more about how polo shirts and other promotional apparel can benefit your business, contact your Safeguard consultant today.