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Quarter 3, 2018

5 marketing myths busted

5 marketing myths busted

With marketing constantly changing, and businesses buzzing about the latest attention-getting fads and gimmicks, it's hard to separate fact from fiction. So we've cut through the confusion for you and busted these five marketing myths.

Myth 1: Marketing and advertising are the same thing
While the two are related, marketing is the ongoing, end-to-end plan that spans the entire process your business should follow to provide products or services to consumers. This includes designing and pricing the product, deciding where it will be sold and how to persuade people to buy it. Advertising is just one aspect of that marketing plan. It's focused on spreading the word about the products or services you have to offer.

Here's a tip: Advertising can be pricey and hard to measure, so start small to see if it works for your business and gradually ramp up as your budget allows.

Myth 2: Everyone is your customer
As fantastic as your business is, your offerings simply won't appeal to everyone. So save your precious time, resources and budget by focusing on your target audience — the people who need, want and are most likely to buy your products and services. Targeted marketing gives you a better return.

Here's a tip: Spend a little time identifying your target audience before you begin marketing. Who are they? What are their habits? What problem can you solve for them? Once you have an idea of who your target audience is, focusing your message is much easier.

Myth 3: If it works for another company, it will work for us
The perfect marketing campaign for one business may not work for another. For example, a coffee shop might use an Instagram campaign, while a business-to-business tech company may have better luck on LinkedIn. To get the most out of marketing, focus on reaching the right audience, in the right way.

Here's a tip: Building a smart marketing strategy can help define the marketing plan that will work for your business. Start by asking yourself these questions: What's our mission as a business? What are our business goals? Why would a customer choose us over a competitor?

Myth 4: You don't need a marketing plan
Products and services don't sell themselves. You need a solid marketing plan that outlines all the tools and tactics necessary to win and keep customers and achieve your sales goals. This action plan includes your budget, a calendar and other important information to help you map out your marketing efforts and stay one step ahead of challenges or opportunities.

Here's a tip: Instead of reacting to dips in sales and changes in the market, be proactive and prepared. Stay on track with a thorough marketing plan that lets you set your budget and plot your marketing efforts on a calendar you use as a guide throughout the year.

Myth 5: You don't have the know-how to market your business
Of course you do. Safeguard not only offers an impressive array of marketing products and services, but the expertise of your consultant, who'll help you understand and apply the ones that best fit your unique situation. You can always count on this knowledgeable pro for solid marketing advice and ideas that'll help you fine-tune what people experience when they interact with your business in the marketplace.

Here's a tip: For an assessment of the challenges you're facing right now — and to learn how Safeguard can help you elevate your business through effective marketing — call your consultant today.

125 places to put your logo

Where does your brand belong?
Obviously, your logo — the physical representation of your brand — belongs on your business cards, website, social media pages, and physical storefront or office. But beyond those basics, where else makes sense? Consider putting it wherever your customers and prospects spend their time. That means customizing objects they use around their homes, at their offices, in their cars, and even on themselves. Here's a handy infographic offering scores of suggestions for logical placement of your logo.

125 places to put your logo

Do you have a unique, up-to-date logo that clearly communicates who and what you are? If not, Safeguard Design Services can help. Call your consultant for details.