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Quarter 4, 2015

You already know that an accurate mailing list and an attractive offer are the primary drivers of direct mail success. But the paper stock you choose for your postcards plays a critical role as well.

Several industry studies have shown that mail recipients are directly influenced by how much paper weighs and feels. Heavier, sleeker papers make customers more likely to trust a brand and make a purchase.

This overview of Safeguard postcard paper stocks will help you choose the one that best represents your brand and lends itself to direct-mail postcard marketing success:

16-Point C2S Gloss Cover
This thick, heavy postcard paper stock features a glossy, eye-catching finish on both sides that will help your postcards stand out. It's an excellent choice for modern, cutting-edge brands.

15-Point Velvet
A soft-touch coating adds a super-smooth finish that's visually attractive and delivers a soothing tactile sensation. Velvet postcard paper is perfect when you want to promote luxury and sophistication.

14-Point C2S and C1S Cover
These premium yet economical postcard paper stocks feature a glossy coating on two sides or just one, respectively. It's easy to write on C1S's uncoated side, so postcards printed on this stock can double as response cards.

13-Point Recycled Matte Cover
Thick enough to make an impression and featuring an elegant sheen, this paper stock can also be printed with soy-based inks, which are much more eco-friendly than petroleum-based inks.

Ultra Postcards
Printed on triple-layer white eggshell-textured paper, this ultimate stock features a colored inside paper core that makes ultra postcards the thickest and heaviest available, and perfect for making a big, bold statement about your brand.

All of these postcard paper stocks are excellent options. Best of all, your Safeguard consultant is ready to help you select the one that best matches your brand, campaign and budget.

12 Ways to Effectively Build Your Email List

In today's business climate, email is the preferred mode of communication. More than 70% of customers prefer it as well, because email lets them read your messages when it's convenient for them. And, unlike a Facebook post that disappears on your fans' timelines, you never have to worry about catching them at a bad time with email.

To take full advantage of email, it's essential to build your email list. Here are 12 ways to help you do it:

1. Optimize your business cards
When printing up new business cards, include an offer on the back that encourages customers to visit your website and sign up to receive future emails.

2. Gather trade show information
Keep a clipboard or sign-up book in your trade show booth and ask permission to send emails to everyone who signs up.

3. Be the host with the most
Everyone loves a good party, so throw your own. Make sure to leave out a guest book where attendees can sign in and share their email addresses.

4. Call Facebook fans to action
Prompt your fans to connect further once they've read your post. Include a call-to-action button on your page that makes it easy to sign up for your email list.

5. Encourage email forwarding
Include forward-to-a-friend links in your emails that make it easy for your customers send them on to others, further extending your marketing reach.

6. Archive old newsletters
Instead of simply deleting old newsletters, archive them on your website to enhance your content and further encourage people to sign up.

7. Make use of your own resources
Send an email to all your contacts from various networks and ask them to join your email list. Make it worth their while, and your list will definitely grow.

8. Get personal
Include a sign-up link in every personal or professional email. It's no more work on your end, and you may wind up with more subscribers.

9. Share through social coupons
Promotions displayed on your social media networks can encourage more people to do business with you and grow your email list at the same time.

10. Build your list with sweepstakes
Social sweepstakes get 250 percent more entries than other contests. Create your own on Facebook and you'll gain plenty of new email addresses to add to your list.

11. Keep it simple with a notebook
If you have walk-in traffic, put an email sign-up notebook in a prominent place. You might even add a couple of addresses ahead of time to encourage participation.

12. Email the receipt
Always ask if you can email a customer's receipt. A “yes” answer not only gets you an email address, but one from an interested party who's already done business with you.