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How to get your marketing materials into the right hands while hardly lifting a finger.
Along with designing and producing your printed marketing materials, Safeguard can continue to make your life easier in the delivery phase with:
  • Accurate Sorting. We can take your mailing list and sort it to postal specifications, complete with all available postal discounts.
  • Fast Mailing. Once printing is complete, your mail drop can happen in as little as two days. Now that's fast.

Your direct marketing success hinges on reaching the right people. Contact your Safeguard advisor, who can tell you all about targeting and delivering your direct marketing message for a better ROI.

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Every Door Direct Mail® takes the guesswork and expense out of reaching the people who live closest to your business.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) lets you reach everyone in the neighborhood without mailing lists or personalization. Simply choose the areas you want to cover, provide the postcards Safeguard prints for you to the post office and the letter carrier delivers your message to every household on the route – for as little as .183¢ a piece.