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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Fraud Protection (CFP)
Safeguard Secure

Q. Doesn't my bank already take care of this for me?

A. In many cases, a bank may return lost funds resulting from fraud once they complete their investigation. On average, this can take up to 90 days. EZShield® advances those lost funds, up to $25,000, within 72 hours once documentation is received, saving your business valuable time and headaches.

Q. If I purchase Premium Secure Laser Checks, why do I need EZShield?

A. Premium Secure Laser Checks provide ink- and paper-based features that help prevent fraud on those specific documents. However, as good as those features are, fraudsters may be able to find ways around them. This is why Premium Secure Laser Checks automatically include EZShield Premium Check Fraud Protection. This service extends assistance in the event of counterfeit checks, forged signatures, forged endorsements or altered checks for two years or the life of the checks, whichever occurs first. The combination of the ink- and paper-based features along with the premium Check Fraud Protection service provides you with one of the most secure checks available.

Q. Can I add EZShield on non-Premium Secure Checks?

A. Safeguard is raising the bar where check fraud is concerned by including EZShield Premium Check Fraud Protection with EVERY order of Safeguard Checks. Contact your Advisor for additional information.

Q. What if I lose my checks, but no fraud occurs?

A. According to the EZShield terms and conditions, CFP applies when fraud has occurred. That being said, after you notify your bank, we encourage you to contact EZShield so they can be proactive with you on minimizing any risk of fraud on the sequence of checks that are missing.

Q. If one of my employees commits check fraud on my company account, will my business be able to leverage EZShield services?

A. If you, a family member or an employee of a company commit check fraud on your company account, it is deemed embezzlement, and EZShield services will not apply.

Q. What if my checks are reproduced?

A. Yes, Premium Check Fraud Protection service does apply to check reproduction (considered ‘counterfeiting’), on unauthorized check stock.

Q. How does EZShield differ from LifeLock® and other providers?

A. EZShield has a patent on CFP, which means there is no other provider of this specific service. The Business Identity Restoration service is similar to other restoration services, but with EZShield, it's an annual, one-time, low-cost fee. Competitors typically charge a monthly subscription fee at a much higher rate and contain an active monitoring element throughout the subscription.

Business Identity Restoration (BIDR)

Q. Can I just purchase the identity restoration service?

A. Yes. EZShield Business Identity Restoration may be purchased as a standalone service.

Q. I know consumers are being targeted with identity theft, but is this really a problem for small businesses?

A. Absolutely. Did you know that identity theft affects over 11 million people every year? On average, small businesses are more likely to be targeted than consumers and suffer a greater percentage of fraud, and a greater median loss, than their larger business counterparts.

Q. Will BIDR apply if the identity thief is an employee?

A. Yes. As long as the appropriate documentation is completed, BIDR would apply.

Q. Does BIDR apply to identity theft events that occurred prior to the purchase of the service?

A. No. This service does not apply to prior or preexisting events, but does protect against future identity theft events.

Q. What do I do if I become a victim? How do I report the fraud?

A. Immediately call the toll-free number (833.658.2375) to report it directly to a Resolution Specialist. Or, visit gosafeguard.ezshield.com and follow the links to report the fraud online and a Resolution Specialist will contact you.

Q. What exactly do I get when I purchase BIDR?

A. With your purchase of EZShield BIDR, you have a certified Resolution Specialist on standby for 12 months to assist you and your business in the event of an identity theft. Identity restoration is a complicated and time-consuming process, taking over 160 hours on average to repair.

You will also have access to a virtual wallet (storage of business-critical information such as passwords, credit card and bank account information), fraud tip alerts and fraud information trends, as well as breach notifications and alerts.

Q. How does business identity theft differ from personal identity theft?

A. Just like people, businesses have identity elements that can be stolen. Examples include a business' name, address and EIN (tax id), or when a thief opens a fraudulent account in the business' name at a retail store and orders computers and other office products. Identity thieves target businesses because of larger cash balances and credit lines. In essence, businesses are more at risk than individuals.

Q. How does BIDR help me? What does it do?

A. If information on any aspect of your business (credit card account, bank account information, EIN number, etc.) is compromised, EZShield will work one on one with you to repair all the damages done, and repair your business to pre-theft status.

Q. How long does business identity restoration eligibility last?

A. The service is good for one year from the invoice date of the initial purchase.

Q. If I buy the BIDR Service, who is eligible for the service?

A. The business owner that purchased the service.

Q. How will I be notified if my service is going to expire?

A. When the business identity restoration is approaching expiration, you will be contacted by Safeguard to activate your renewal.